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I Took The Plunge!

I took the plunge! I am officially a hybrid author. What does that mean? I have traditionally published books out through my publishing house and I also have a book that I have independently published. Bright side of going indie? Bigger cut of the royalties. When you click the pre-order link, I’ll get paid more per book. (as in 100% of 70% as opposed to 40% of 70%) Win/win

So, ready for a little small town fooling around? Seth and Jessica’s story is my favorite so far. Reserve yours now on Kindle! Just Can’t Resist

Cover Reveal For Just Can’t Resist!

Isn’t it gorgeous? I love it! Release date is February 14, 2017!

Welcome to Madison Falls, where love is in the air and gossip is ripe on the vine.

Jessica Baker has found the man of her dreams, literally. Sheriff Seth Hughes, tall, dark, and delectable, visits her fantasies by night and her doughnut shop by day. Too bad the mornings are her daily dose of reality. She’s tried everything in her sweet arsenal to tempt him, and so far, he’s only wrapped his lips around her pastries.

Big city cop turned small town sheriff, Seth has had his eye on more than coffee and doughnuts. His sweet tooth is for a curvy strawberry-blonde who makes him believe second chances are possible. Every moment with her turns into a temptation he just can’t resist. He’s ready to let go of his past until one secret skeleton refuses to stay buried.

More trouble is brewing when Jessica’s shop is vandalized, her life is threatened, and her own secrets for moving to Madison Falls come to light. Nothing is as it seems and the forces plotting against them run deeper than they thought possible.

New Pre-order Links for One Last Call

OLC Graphic 3

Hey friends and book lovers, more pre-order links are available for One Last Call! Order now and get the discounted prices! Click! Click! Click!

GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/1WyxrVC

Itunes: http://apple.co/1XE17lC

Kobo: http://bit.ly/1RedO3S

Book 4 is in the works!

While I’m waiting for the first round of edits for Made For Me, I’ve been outlining ideas for Book #4 (One Last Call.) A new character, Josh Logan, will be introduced as a love interest for Sarah Brandon, (Sophie’s sister from Fall For You.) Sarah is a sweetheart. What I love the most about Josh is his slow southern drawl. So sexy!

In the mean time, check out Fall For You and More Than Words. Things have been heating up in Madison Falls!

Scroll down and enjoy the sample for More Than Words!

Happy Reading!