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All or Nothing out June 20th!

All or Nothing graphic black and white


The romance you’ve been waiting for!

Christopher King had everything. He had his family, his security company, and most importantly, he had Fiona O’Malley. Almost. Until he has to let Fiona go for reasons he can’t reveal.
He thought he’d shut her out, but every stolen look and lingering glance gives him away. Fiona knows things aren’t as they seem, so she comes up with a plan to get Chris to tell her the truth. It works a little too well when the very reason he stayed away comes to light and threatens everything he’s fought to keep safe.
Unable to live the lie any longer, Chris needs Fiona by his side to put a stop to the danger that’s following her and tormenting him. Fiona becomes the key to unlocking his every secret, including the love he can no longer deny.

One Step Closer!

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News on Book 4, One Last Call! The manuscript is ready for the final line editor, so it’s one step closer to being ready! February 29 will be here before you know it!