Tentative Release Date

Hi all! According to my publisher, Fall For You’s release date is March 2, 2015. I have been assigned an editor so we will be working on book edits for the next month or so.

This still seems so unreal! It’s overwhelming, exciting, and just a tad nerve wracking, but I love it! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Tentative Release Date

  1. Susan, don’t know if you remember me from Rose’s blog. I just wanted to congratulate you on getting published. You were always so entertaining with the stories you wrote. I hope life is treating you well. I still see you on Facebook,(although I rarely post there). Again congrats, and I can’t wait to read your book.
    Happy Holidays,

      1. I’m still working with FedEx, 29 years now. (Heck, I’m getting old)
        Got divorced ( no more dealing with an alcoholic and drug addict, only took me 24 years to figure out.)
        I moved to Lander WY. It is beautiful here. I’ve finally found peace, although it was difficult to leave everything I’ve ever known. There is a country song called Heart of Dixie that everyone thinks fits my coming out here.
        Been told I should write a book of everything I went through and endured, but I don’t have your gift for telling stories where they are entertaining.
        I’m really looking forward to reading your book. Keep me updated. My email is wildhart007@aol.com. I just don’t post on facebook cause I don’t want the ex or his family to know where I’m at. Perhaps, one day I’ll feel safe enough to get back on it.
        Take care and have a Happy New Year


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