Thursday 13!

Happy Thursday!  Today’s Thursday 13 is a 13 sentence snippet from Fall For You. Enjoy!

A 13 sentence snippet from my contemporary romance, Fall For You.

The bad news was that her chance at wowing him with her frilly, green sundress had bit the dust. The good news, obviously, was that Reed hadn’t let go of her yet.
She looked up to see that he was covered in powdered sugar too. Nothing to do now but brazen it out.
“Hi, Reed.”
“Hello, Sophie.”
Reed stared down at her with such a serious intensity that she began to stammer an apology. “I…” was all she managed to get out before he pulled her tighter, dipped his head, and pressed his lips to hers.
Okaaaay, this works too.
His lips were soft and hot and moved against hers with such precision that she wanted to climb him like a tree for greater contact. He pulled away, licked his lips, and murmured, “You taste so sweet.”
She gasped out, “I’m pretty sure that’s the sugar.”
Against her lips, he breathed, “No, it’s you. It’s all you, Sophie.”


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